What’s on ‘Built For Speed’ Friday 21st August 2015

This week on ‘Built For Speed’ we celebrate the music of one of the greatest bands of the last 20 years, Radiohead.  Join us as we explore their remarkably diverse catalogue of albums from ‘Pablo Honey’ to ‘King of Limbs’.  On the movie front we take a look at the cinema adaptation of 60’s TV show The Man From UNCLE and the remake of 80’s comedy hit Vacation.  Don’t forget our regular preview of TV and gigs for the week.  Check out ‘Built For Speed’ Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

What’s on ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 5th June 2015

This week on ‘Built For Speed’ we review two special effects extravaganzas: disaster movie San Andreas and futuristic Disney fantasy Tomorrowland. There’s also plenty of fine music with a selection of magnificent tracks from Aussie artists like British India and Royal Headache and British classics from The Jam and Radiohead to name a few.  Don’t forget our regular preview of upcoming gigs and TV for the week.  Check out ‘Built for Speed’, Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

Built For Speed, Playlist, Friday 30th August 2013

Built For Speed – Playlist – Friday 30th August 2013

  1. RADIOHEAD – Electioneering.
  2. THE DEAD KENNEDYS – Kill the poor.
  3. EVEN – ‘Til the end of the day. (Aus)
  4. THE FAUVES – Everybody’s getting a three piece together. (Aus)
  5. ASH – Girl from Mars.
  6. NIRVANA – Smells like teen spirit.
  7. THE VERVE – Bittersweet symphony.
  8. THE JACKSON FIVE – The love you save.
  9. U2 – MLK.
  10. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE- Renegades of funk.
  11. METALLICA – Unforgiven 2
  12. THE BREEDERS – Drivin’ on 9.
  13. FAITH NO MORE – Midnight Cowboy.
  14. THE MUFFS – Laying on a bed of roses.
  15. HUGO RACE – I’m on fire. (Aus)
  16. FREDDIE MERCURY – I was born to love you.
  17. NURSERY CRIMES – Marked by time. (Aus)


  • Gig guide
  • FILM REVIEW: Elysium.
  • TV preview
  • FILM REVIEW: We’re the Millers.

Radio Ga Ga’s songs about flowers special

Aaah…. Easter….A time of remembrance & celebration and Radio Ga Ga have decided to celebrate the flower. Why?, no particular reason at all really other than the great range of tunes that have been performed about the beautiful flora that is flowers.

Daisies, orchids, buttercups, tulips, carnations, marigolds, lilacs, lotus flowers, hyacinths and of course, roses, will feature in the tracks which will be bought to us courtesy of acts such as Radiohead, The White Stripes, Things of Stone & Wood, Jud Strunk,  Bon Jovi, America, Marty Robbins (RIP), Ween, Max Bygraves, Travis, The Cowsills, P.J.Harvey & Nirvana and as always on RGG, a whole bunch more of very different acts from the period 1960 – 2012. So come for a tiptoe down memory lane with us from 10am – 12 noon this Easter Saturday or we will “send the boys around”.


Peter Chapman Live Sunday Session – Woohoo

Melbourne’s very own soulful artist Peter Chapman is getting rave reviews for his latest release CD “No Music No Soul”.
It is easy to see and hear why as Peter, known for his humble persona, is definitely not new to the music scene with years of crafting his live performance and an endorsement by Australian guitar manufacturer Cole Clark under his belt. Peter’s soulful infusion of musical styles is evident in his high calibre artistry within the Australian music scene.
Peter is executive producer on his latest release. ‘No Music No Soul’ was recorded in Melbourne, co-written with Shaun Gardener who also worked on the album as producer. All tracks were mastered in the US by Grammy Award winner Adam Ayan, Bob Ludwig’s protégé at Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine. The names Adam Ayan and Bob Ludwig speak for themselves, having previously worked with some of the world’s elite from Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Queen, Beck, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Simple Minds, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and The Who.
The title track from Peter’s ‘No Music Soul’ album is currently available at all good online stores but you can hear the man himself for a full our live on Sunday afternoon.  It will be another stirring performance by a great Melbourne artist.