Radio Ga Ga’s songs about flowers special

Aaah…. Easter….A time of remembrance & celebration and Radio Ga Ga have decided to celebrate the flower. Why?, no particular reason at all really other than the great range of tunes that have been performed about the beautiful flora that is flowers.

Daisies, orchids, buttercups, tulips, carnations, marigolds, lilacs, lotus flowers, hyacinths and of course, roses, will feature in the tracks which will be bought to us courtesy of acts such as Radiohead, The White Stripes, Things of Stone & Wood, Jud Strunk, ┬áBon Jovi, America, Marty Robbins (RIP), Ween, Max Bygraves, Travis, The Cowsills, P.J.Harvey & Nirvana and as always on RGG, a whole bunch more of very different acts from the period 1960 – 2012. So come for a tiptoe down memory lane with us from 10am – 12 noon this Easter Saturday or we will “send the boys around”.

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