Film review: MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, from ‘Built For Speed’

Midnight Special, the latest film from Mud and Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols concerns a young boy with what appears to be psychic powers. While watching this film audience members will feel like they have psychic powers due to the strange sensation they will experience of having seen much of this film before. To reveal which films Midnight Special resembles

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Film review: THE 5TH WAVE, from ‘Built For Speed’

The 5th Wave, which is based on the first book in a trilogy by Rick Yancey, is yet another post-apocalyptic teen lit/ sci-fi/ action/ fantasy/ romance. Next to Marvel Comics adaptations this genre is fast becoming the most mind-numbingly familiar fixture in our cinemas. While succumbing to many of the teen-lit clichés, The Fifth Wave has a least a few

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Film review: JUPITER ASCENDING, from ‘Built For Speed’

The Wachowski’s latest film, space opera Jupiter Ascending may be visually spectacular bit its barrage of multi-million dollar effects can’t compensate for an outrageously silly and confusingly plot. The Wachowski’s appear to have taken scripting lessons from David Lynch’s version of Dune as Jupiter Ascending makes no sense.  Pinching bits of Star Wars, Flash Gordon and the Wachowski’s own Matrix

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