Christine is chatting to Dr Irene Prantalos (TCM) on Mother Nature Cyles, Food and Health

On Mind, Body, Heart and Soul this week, Christine Heart Savage is interviewing Dr Irene Prantalos (Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner) on the cycles of Mother Nature and her ability to guide us towards optimal health.  There is such confusion around diet these days; what foods to eat, what time to eat and how this blends with the cycles of nature.  Dr Irene will speak about the meridian, and which foods effect each organ and the timing of each natural cycle.

Please join us for an informative, interesting program…  and as usual a few laughs to boot!


Christine’s chatting to Stephen Le Pages re U3A Mindfulness Meditation and more…

On Mind, Body, Heart & Soul on Monday 5 June, Christine’s chatting to Stephen Le Page re U3A Courses.  Stephen teaches Mindfulness Meditation and another course called ” Calming, Relaxing, and Loving skills for older fold living in a modern technological world”.  Stephen has a varied and very interesting background… Join us for a lively, fun and informative hour.


Tune in Monday 5 June at 10.00am….

Christine’s chatting with Jason Bawden-Smith on the harmful effects of Technology

On Mind, Body, Heart & Soul this week, Christine is chatting live in the studio with Environmental Scientist Jason Bawden- Smith.  Jason is also an entrepreneur, speaker and the author of  “In the Dark” – new ways to avoid the harmful effects of living in a technologically connected world. A fascinating and educational read.  Jason holds both a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Health and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science.  He’s published eleven peer-reviewed papers, including three in the prestigious Medical Journal of Australia.

Join us at 10.00am Monday for an interesting and informative hour!

Christine’s chatting to the wonderful Rebecca Coomes about “Gut health”…

Monday 6 Feb at 10.00am

Rebecca Coomes from “The Healthy Gut” is joining me in the Brighton Studio.  Rebecca will be sharing a bit about her journey and how she became involved in learning about “gut health” and sharing her knowledge about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)  and general gut health.   Tune in and find out all about your gut!!  We look forward to tuning in on Monday at 10am.


Rebecca Coombes

Christine Heart Savage

Philip Stevens, Neurophysiologist and Swami joins Christine. What’s normal and what’s natural?

Christine Heart Savage on her program Mind, Body, Heart & Soul is chatting with Philip Stevens, a Neuro Physiologist and Swami on Monday at 10.00am.  Philip blends science and spirituality.  The topic is “What’s normal and what’s natural?” Join us for this interesting interview and expect to be taken on a unique  journey of blending Eastern philosophy and Western science.

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