Initiator of Geneva conventions for war – podcast

henry dunantListen again to the story of the founder of the Red Cross and the man who initiated the Geneva conventions for waring nations. His name was Henry Dunant. Broadcast on Southern FM 88.3 on Songs of Hope on 24 April 2016 at 8:45am. Story duration 5 minutes. Narrated by Rod Carr.

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Songs of Hope podcast for 2/11/2014

michael faradayListen again to the story of Michael Faraday, the scientist and devout Christian who discovered the principles needed to build electric motors and generators. He also built the first such devices. Broadcast on Sunday 2 October 2014 on “Songs of Hope”.

Also below is the Songs of  Hope hymns podcast for Sunday 2 November 2014. These were broadcast on 88.3 Southern FM in Melbourne, Australia. The hymns podcast includes the following hymns:

  • Let all the world – Cantus Choro
  • Kings of the ages – Kingsway Music
  • Blessed is the man – National Ukraine choir

Listen again to the one hour Songs of Hope program podcast, broadcast on 2/11/2014. It contains one hour of Christian praise and worship, beginning with hymns and moving to contemporary praise and worship music. Broadcast on Southern FM 88.3.

Words for Life last Sunday 2/11/2014 at 7:30am was Rev Mark Durie continuing his series of talks on Abraham from the Old Testament, and what Abraham means to us today as Christians. Mark also explained how separation of church and state was established in the Christian West. Talk time was 22 minutes.

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Songs of Hope podcast 19/10/2014

hymns1-80pcListen again to the hymns in Songs of Hope hymns podcast from the 19 October program. Hymns include:

  • Fill Thou my life – Westminster Choir
  • Brother sister let me serve you – Daily Service Singers
  • I cannot tell

Story – in 1899 the steamer SS Stella connecting Southampton to Guernsey sank, and over 100 lives were lost. Story duration 4 minutes.

The one hour podcast plays Christian music for one hour. Date 19/10/2014.

“Words for Life” for last Sunday 19 October 2014 were a recent sermon by Rev Mark Durie of St Marys Anglican Church in Caulfield. The title of his talk is “Abram and Sarai in Egypt”. It is the second of a series of sermons by Mark on Abraham from the Old Testament. Talk time is 5m25s.

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Songs of Hope podcast for Sunday 12/10/2014

josephine-butlerListen again to the story of Josephine Butler, the beautiful British lady who fought for poor women’s rights in Britain in the 19th century. She launched the feminist movement. Talk time is 5 minutes. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern fm 88.3 on Sunday 12/10/2014.

Also included is a one hour podcast of the Songs of Hope Christian music program for 12 October 2014

“Words for Life” is a sermon by Mark Durie “Abram is called by God”.

The podcast prayer is Psalm 5, a prayer for help

The  Songs of Hope songs podcast for 12 October 2014 is attached below. It includes the following Christian songs:

  • Lord keep my heart – I Circle
  • Speak O Lord – Stuart Townend
  • He knows my name – Maranatha

Click the play button for the audio. Right click download to download

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Songs of Hope podcast for 5/10/2014

Listen again to the story of the man who conquered leprosy, Doctor Paul Brand. He was a devout Christian motivated by his Christian values. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on 5 October on Southern FM 88.3

The prayer podcast is an evening prayer, Psalm 4, read by Max McLean.

Also included is the 5 October hymns podcast.

The last podcast is Songs of Hope songs podcast for 5/10/2014

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