Songs of Hope podcast 19/10/2014

hymns1-80pcListen again to the hymns in Songs of Hope hymns podcast from the 19 October program. Hymns include:

  • Fill Thou my life – Westminster Choir
  • Brother sister let me serve you – Daily Service Singers
  • I cannot tell

Story – in 1899 the steamer SS Stella connecting Southampton to Guernsey sank, and over 100 lives were lost. Story duration 4 minutes.

The one hour podcast plays Christian music for one hour. Date 19/10/2014.

“Words for Life” for last Sunday 19 October 2014 were a recent sermon by Rev Mark Durie of St Marys Anglican Church in Caulfield. The title of his talk is “Abram and Sarai in Egypt”. It is the second of a series of sermons by Mark on Abraham from the Old Testament. Talk time is 5m25s.

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