Built For Speed, Playlist, Friday 7th December 2012


1.     THE DATSUNS – Gold Halo. (Aus)

2.     DALLAS CRANE – Dirty Hearts. (Aus)

3.     COLD CHISEL – No sense. (Aus)

4.     DIED PRETTY – True fools fall. (Aus)

5.     MISSY HIGGINS – Unashamed desire (Aus).

6.     LED ZEPPELIN – Boogie with Stu.

7.     WARUMPI BAND – White fella black fella. (Aus)

8.     THE BEATLES – In my life.

9.     OF MONSTERS AND MEN – Little talk.

10.  THE MOVE – So you wanna be a rock’n’roll star.

11.  VELVET CRUSH – Mr Spaceman.

12.  THE BYRDS – Eight miles high.

13.  THE ROLLING STONES – Sympathy for the devil.

14.  THE WHO – Baba O’Reilly.

15.  CRASH TEST DUMMIES – Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

16.  WILCO – Candy Floss.

17.  BAND OF HORSES – Wicked Gil.

18.  RICHARD HAWLEY – Tonight the streets are ours.

19.  CHIDDY BANG – Opposite of adults.

20.  MUMFORD AND SONS – Little lion man.



  • FILM REVIEW: The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
  • PREVIEW: Upcoming gigs.
  • FILM REVIEW: The Trouble with the Curve.
  • PREVIEW – Upcoming TV.

Film review: TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE, from Built For Speed

Baseball films have a unique place within the sports film genre as they seem to embody American culture and mythology like no other. Even for those who don’t like the sport itself, baseball films seem to have at least some sort of folksy appeal.

So it is with Clint Eastwood’s latest film (this time just as an actor) Trouble with the Curve.  This is a lightweight mix of baseball film, family drama and ageing parable that drifts along at what could charitably be described as a pedestrian pace.  It’s not exactly electrifying or even an edge of the seat, do or die sports film but it still pulls you into its laid back world.

In this film Clint plays pretty much the same character he’s been portraying for a decade now, the cantankerous widower who has an iconic, leathery, old school American job such as a boxing trainer, marine or in this film, a baseball scout named Gus.  As in all his recent films, the irascible Clint belligerently defies any cultural or technological changes that have occurred in America since 1958, much to the annoyance of his family.   His already fractious relationship with his daughter Mickey (Amy Adams) is put to the test when she discovers Gus’s eyesight is failing and despite the pressures of her job as a lawyer, Mickey insists on accompanying him on his latest scouting tour.

The script here is pretty predictable and sign posts most of the key scenes well in advance.  We know within about five minutes who’s going to triumph and which obnoxious gits are going to get their comeuppance.   Still, it’s fun watching Clint bicker with Adams, sneer at oily yuppies who want to replace him with a computer and generally plays the grizzled but wily old curmudgeon to the hilt.

A strong supporting cast also help add credibility to a fairly insubstantial story. Amy Adams lights up the screen with her usual sparkling performance even if the sub-plot about her love interest with a young baseball scout (Justin Timberlake) lacks fizz.  John Goodman is likeable as always playing Eastwood’s loyal buddy.  Matthew Lillard, the man who has played perhaps most obnoxious characters in cinema (just re-watch Scream and Hackers and you’ll know what I mean), is kind of obvious as the resident weasel but it’s good to see Clint growl at him contemptuously.

With its familiar storyline and characters this is a likeable film rather than a challenging or riveting one.


Nick’s rating: Three stars.

Classification: M

Director(s): Robert Lorenz

Release date: 6th Dec 2012

Running time:  111 mins.

What’s on Built For Speed, Friday 7th December 2012

This week on Built For Speed we look at two very different films: the sensitive teen drama The Perks of Being a Wallflower and a film starring the man who would probably slap the kids in Wallflower upside the head, Clint Eastwood, who plays – believe it not – an old school American grump in The Trouble with the Curve.  There’s also plenty of fine music new and old including a few more Aussie classics that we didnt play in our all-Aussie special last week and a tribute to psychedelic pop legends The Byrds.  Don’t forget our regular preview of upcoming gigs and TV for the week.  Check out Built For Speed, Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

Coming up on Built For Speed

2012 may be drawing to a close but – assuming the Mayans are wrong – there’s still plenty happening in the world of movies, music and popular culture and Built For Speed is the place to find out about it.  Over the next month we’ll be reviewing the latest film for cinema legend Clint Eastwood, Trouble with the Curve, the adaptation of the hit novel Life of Pi and the much anticipated big screen version of The Hobbit.  There’s also the famous Built For Speed Christmas special and the ultimate pop-cultural autopsy, the Built For Speed “End of year spectacular”.