BEST MEDICINE – today – my guests:  Spiri Tsintziras to talk about her book: My Ikaria; then Fiona McCallum to talk about her novel: Making Peace; and lots more. Please  join me, Gaytana


BEST MEDICINE – today – I;m talking with Anouska Jones about a lovely book: Happiness is a Red Teapot and later FATS – good bad etc and lots more. Please join me, Gaytana

Interview with Dr Mary Redmayne on – effects of radiofrequency radiation

On Mind, Body, Heart & Soul – Christine Heart Savage is interviewing Dr Mary Redmayne live in the studio about “health and well-being effects of exposure to radio frequency radiation.”  Dr Redmayne has spent 7 years full time studying this topic, and has recently completed her two PhD on the subject.  We are surrounded by radiation in our modern world and it is having some very serious health effects on people.  I am very sensitive to the wireless radiation myself…  so it’s an honour to have Dr Redmayne coming into speak with us.  I know you care about your health and your family’s well being, so please tune in and listen to Mary’s research discoveries and find out what you can do to reduce your exposure, and stay well.

10am Monday 1st of February on Mind, Body, Heart & Soul



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