• Darren Hackwood is off to a bad start telling all the fans we need to be educated on the rules and standards. The standards should be high but the end result far to many times has been low. Jake, Glenn and others needed to go and the decisions they made affected the outcome of games. The standard of officiating needs to improve and the review of the rules needs to be be done ASAP. Illegal contact on a receiver and pass interference need to be thought through and adjusted. Refresh my memory but a poor call in Winnipeg last season cost a fan big money. General managers and coaches get fined and fired for their comments about the officiating and what happens to the officials in question? Are they reviewed weekly are they suspended and told to take a week or two off to work on their game. The CFL has admitted mistakes and needs to get it right for everyone including the fans. Mr Hackwood, don”t knock the fans who pay your salary roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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