BEST MEDICINE – today 20/2/24 – Dr Monique Watts, cardiologist, women’s specialist; Lisa Hasker CEO of Vicsport. Please join me, Gaytana ALSO: let’s wear a mask to protect ourselves & OTHERS from COVID. Looking out for each other – that’s what community does. G

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The penultimate day of the home and away season was played out with some interesting game situations and some key results in lower grades. The SECA Panel enlisted the help of SECA El Supremo Simon Poll to go over some of the finer points prior to hitting the finals. Hear the podcast of this weeks show via the media player

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The Trust Fall: Julian Assange

Kym Staton, writer and director of the new major documentary about Julian Assange, talks to Craig Francis about the story behind Julian Assange and what has led to his incarceration in Britain’s highest security prison.  Kym also discusses the last ditch attempts in London to prevent Julian’s extradition to the U.S. and the fate that awaits him there, as well

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