Reality Radio with Tyla and Tom: Podcast

On Tuesday this week, Tea Time with Tyla and Tom had a visit from two reality TV identities. On this podcast, you’ll hear their chats with Bryce from Married At First Sight and Minoli from Master Chef. Don’t miss Tyla and Tom every Tuesday 4 to 6 PM on 88.3 Southern FM – The Sounds of the Bayside.

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WRITE NOW -tonight – Clare Mendes about the upcoming production of her latest play: A Flower for Moses; then Meredith Jaffee re StoryFest; and Mary-Anne O’Connor about her latest book: Sisters  of Freedom. Please join me, Gaytana

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BEST MEDICINE -today – I’ll speak with Mandy Maysey President of the Tourette Syndrome Association Australia; Kylie Pussell CEO of the Miracle Babies Foundation and Arabella Gibson CEO of the Gidget Foundation. Please join me, Gaytana

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