Australis Oscar 5

Fifty years ago, on 1970 January 23, the first built, second launched Australian satellite was orbited from California. Australis Oscar 5 was an amateur radio satellite built by students at Melbourne University, and was the first satellite to be built in Australia. Unfortunately, it was beaten to the launch pad by Wresat. On The Space Show on January 22, to

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Away With The Galahs

“The Space Show” goes off with the galahs to investigate, in song, topics such as flat-earth, fake moon-landings, alien faces on Mars, anti-NASAism, and other whacky concepts. But as you listen, just remember Ira Gershwin’s line from Porgy and Bess: “It Ain’t Necessarily So.” We invite you to listen from 7 pm to 8 pm on Wednesday 2020 January 15.

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