Gabby and Jane conquer Everest

Have a listen to Gabby and Jane Kanizay talking about their expedition to the summit of Mount Everest. Gabby became the youngest Australian to conquer the mountain and her mother also made the climb to the top of the world. In this podcast from Southern FM’s A Newsman and His Music, Gabby and Jane are speaking to Colin Tyrus. Picture

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A personal story from Jim Magee

Cr Jim Magee

Jim Magee takes off his Mayor’s hat for a few minutes to talk about a health scare and his gratitude to the health professionals and frontline workers who responded. Jim also gives his personal view on how to “fix the health system”. After that, it’s back to our regular segment with Jim as Mayor of the City of Glen Eira.

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Film review: ‘THE FORGIVEN’ by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

The dark, erudite, acerbic, if somewhat repetitive drama, The Forgiven, is a confronting story of guilt, vengeance and the clash of western and middle eastern cultures. Ralph Fiennes plays the bitterly cynical alcoholic doctor, David Henninger who, along with American wife Jo (Jessica Chastain), finds himself in a twisting moral dilemma.  While driving to an extravagant party at rich, eccentric

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