Film Review: ROCK OF AGES, from Built For Speed

Outrageous big hair, spandex and leopard skin pants invade the screen in Rock of Ages, the cinema adaptation of the hit stage musical. Like the stage show, the film tries to capture the energy of the late the 80’s pop metal scene with a story of starry-eyed rockers on LA’s Sunset Strip. Rock musicals are always a dubious prospect.  Rock

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Film review: PROMETHEUS, from Built For Speed

With its mix of Hitchcockian tension, stunning art direction and sinister Freudian imagery, Ridley Scott’s 1979 science fiction thriller Alien is (imho) one of cinema’s finest achievements.  So, in anticipation of Prometheus, a (kind of) prequel to Alien, I was drooling much like the film’s monster.  Unfortunately, a messy, unengaging and ultimately confusing script from John Spaihts and Damon Lindelof

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Built For Speed, Playlist, Friday 8th June 2012

BUILT FOR SPEED, PLAYLIST, FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2012 1.     BILLY THORPE – Oo poo pa doo (Aus) 1.     THE REPLACEMENTS – Another girl another planet. 2.     CHEAP TRICK – Oh Caroline. 3.     THIN LIZZY – The Rocker. 4.     RADIOHEAD – National Anthem. 5.     WHITE STRIPES – Jolene. 6.     NIRVANA – Smells like teen spirit. 7.     THE RASPBERRIES – Go all

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