Film review: GONE from Built For Speed

Gone is a mystery thriller that comes perilously close to being a complete turkey. With a nod to Silence of the Lambs the film stars Amanda Seyfried as a traumatized young woman who claims to have been abducted by a psychopath years ago and who now thinks her sister has been snatched by the same man. The film almost strings

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Built For Speed, Playlist 2nd March 2012

BUILT FOR SPEED, PLAYLIST FRIDAY 2ND MARCH 2012 1.     STARKY – City prison doors.(Aus) 2.     ROKY ERICKSON – Bloody hammer. 3.     WOOLLEN KITS – Out of whack.(Aus) 4.     MY MORNING JACKET – First Light. 5.     NEW ORDER – Crystal 6.     SOUNDGARDEN – Outshined 7.     BEACH BOYS – Wouldn’t it be nice 8.     THE PICTURES – See ya home tonight (Aus).

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Film review: KILLER ELITE from Built For Speed

Killer Elite is a Jason Statham film and just hearing that should tell you what 90% of this film is like: the laconic stubbly-faced and stubbly-headed Statham beating and shooting the crap out any gormless, incompetent thug or rival assassin who crosses his path. With its name cast, which includes Robert De Niro and Clive Owen and its very loose

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