Kate Harvey Goes Her Own Way

Kate Harvey (pictured standing, left, in Frankston Theatre Group’s ‘Pack of Lies’) talks to Craig Francis about her ongoing voyage of discovery, including moving on from the highly successful Bayside Bubble podcast to becoming an author, her current roles in local theatre, and her ongoing love affair with Italy.

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BEST MEDICINE – today 9/4/24 – Info to help with the cost of living; then Tanya Hall from hearts4heart re a new medication. Please join me, Gaytana ALSO: let’s wear a mask to protect ourselves & others from COVID, RSV & Influenza. Looking out for each other – that’s what community does. G

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Excellent WA outfit Scarlet’s Way were passing through Melbourne on a coffee-seeking mission and were kind enough to swing by the Southern FM studios whilst they were here. We got to find out a lot more about the band who’ve released a steady diet of great alt country/americana music over the past five or six years. They played a couple

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