BEST MEDICINE – today 8/9/20 – I’ll speak with Dr Anita Collins about her book: The Music Advantage; later I’ll talk with Jodie Haartsen from MS limited about pregnancy & women with MS; and there’s other information. Please join me, Gaytana

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WRITE NOW – 3/9/20 – I’ll talk with Ann Cleeves about her latest brilliant (DCI Vera) novel: The Darkest Evening; then later I’ll talk with local residents Doug Gimesy (award winning photojournalist) and Heather Kiley (award winning graphic artist) about their beautiful book: Life Upside Down. Plus more. Please join me, Gaytana

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Hey Jude claims Retro is Cool – and proves it

  Hey Jude here…. Those darn paparazzi have snapped me doing the Hitch Hiker. I was celebrating ‘cos we’ve reached the mid 60’s on Stay Awhile and so … heaps of Aussies are hitting the charts.    Had just featured Bobbie & Laurie (“Judy Green”, “I Belong with You”, “Through the Eyes of Love” and the inimitable “Hitch Hiker”). The

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