This Saturday morning from 10am we spin (a little vinyl reference right there) our 2nd week of a tribute to Mushroom records and the artists that made it an Aussie icon. Last week we heard from Kids In The Kitchen, Wendy & The Rockets, Sports, Leonardo’s Bride, Skyhooks, Jimmy Barnes, The Vines, Madder Lake and even MEO 245 and a host of others and the excellence continues this week with Chain, Weddings Parties Anything, Painters & Dockers, Sunnyboys, Kylie Minogue, Ol’ 55, Machinations, The Johnny’s and Paul Kelly stepping up to the plate and we might even get in a sneaky chat with Mushroom guru Michael Gudinski during the show to talk about the highs (and lows) of the evolution of the label. Avoid chores, make your partner breakfast in bed and flick on your crystal set (or the internet or tunein radio app) on Saturday morning and come along for the ride. Whoooshhh….

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