RADIO GA GA plays Emma’s Car Tape

All fathers with daughters remember those significant moments in life. The first time they smile at you, their first day of school, the first time they drive down the street without you instructing them and graduation… but nothing is quite as shattering as the day they take over the music selection in the family car. No more Rolling Stones, no more George Thorogood and The Destroyers, no more ACDC. Suddenly, these fine acts are replaced by HI-5, The Wiggles, Spice Girls and later McFly, Simple Plan and Nicky Minaj. All you can do is hold on and hope they come out alright at the other end of the journey with some of your own musical interests having extended their talons into their psyche’ through their teenage years. This weeks Radio Ga Ga will feature my personal journey through this period and  what has been my own daughters musical evolution. With varying acts such as those named above plus a few surprising oldies that have infiltrated her taste such as Freda Payne, The Four Tops and The Spencer Davis Group, tune in for what is Emma’s Car Tape # 1.



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