Following a 5 week break RGG returns to the airwaves on Saturday morning at 10am. The extended period on the interchange bench has recharged the RGG team and provided some new ideas for themes on the show which of course, has a fresh theme each week. The return episode will feature songs that reached number 1 on the Austrian (The country that has serious people but has no kangaroos and is just near Australia on the alphabetical listing of countries) charts. You may be surprised by some of the tunes that have reached the summit (a bit of mountaineering parlance used there) of the Austrian charts but we will NOT be featuring tunes we don’t understand such as “Die Da” by Die Fantastaschen Vier, “Das Beste” by Silvermond, “Mensch” by Herbert Gronemeyer (incidentally, this is not a tribute song to the former Geelong footballer), “Der Steuersong Las Kanzlern” by Die Gerd Show or anything by Wolfy Amadeus Mozart even. We will be featuring songs we do understand which did manage to “climb every mountain” by acts such as Bryan Adams, Meat Loaf, Coolio, Bon Jovi, Shakira, Dido, Kid Rock and Rednex (who achieved a huge amount of success there… really we are serious, they did, but it is worth remembering that David Hassellhoff also had top 10 hits in this country). There will also be a couple of Aussie’s featured who made their mark with number one hits but you will have to tune in to find out who they were!! 10am Saturday morning….mmmmmm.

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