RGG is a program which utilises a different theme each week to develop a special “different” show with music from all eras each Saturday morning between 10am and noon. This week Radio Ga Ga does it’s little thing by finding music with a tenuous (dictionary definition: thin in consistency; rare or rarefied) link to the great man, Elvis.

The music featured will be either specifically about Elvis, make a significant reference to Elvis or make a tiny wee reference to Elvis and will be performed by all sorts of acts including (but not limited to), Dire Straits, Mojo Nixon, The Johnny’s, The Who, Tiny Tim, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, Billy Joel, Transvision Vamp, REM, Paul Simon, Marc Cohn and Shania Twain.

Music, trivia, fun and dribble – sums up Radio Ga Ga on Southern FM

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