This Saturdays episode of Radio Ga Ga takes a good hard look at classic songs from an earlier period that experienced a renaissance after they appeared in a movie. Some climbed back into the top 40 charts, some became cult hits and others simply started getting played on the radio all over again. Think of classic movie scenes and remember the tune that went along with it and found its way back into our hearts. The “ear lopping” scene from Reservoir Dogs saw a re-birth for Stealers Wheel, in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off The Beatles and Wayne Newton both got a run in the Chicago street parade, Almost Famous reminded everybody that Elton John was still around in the “Tiny Dancer Bus Scene” and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert gave Gloria Gaynor a new lease of life proving that yes…she will survive!! Flick on your tranny or stream on the internet to hear these and more great songs that became re-invigorated by the silver screen on Radio Ga Ga with Lucy & Mark from 10am this Saturday morning along with all sorts of interesting trivia.

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