Radio Ga Ga is a program with various themes determining the music choices of the show. This 2 hour podcast features our theme for the 21st December featuring songs used in TV commercials. So, if you have never listened to Radio Ga Ga on Saturday morning, here is your chance!! Click on the play button to listen r download the show!!

Here is the playlist of the show:-

This Notes For You – Neil Young The “anti” Television commercial artist sell out for money song “Ain’t Singing For Pepsi…”
1234 – Feist On September 5, 2007, Apple started using the video in ads for its latest iPod, which brought the song a surge in popularity. Before the iPod commercial, the song appeared in an Australian commercial for Ebay.
A Sign Of The Times – Petula Clark – In 1999, this song was used in a commercial for the department store of Target, emphasizing how the store has changed with the times.
Africa – Toto – South African beer Castle Lager used this in commercials
All Right Now – Free – The song has soundtracked numerous commercials in the UK, most famously in 1990 when it featured in a TV ad for Wrigley’s chewing gum, which generated enough interest to return the tune to the UK charts.
Anticipation – Carly Simon This song was made famous by a Heinz ketchup commercial in the late ’70s.
Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes – In 2007, this was used in commercials for the fast food purveyor Wendy’s and in a 2012 television commercial a Hewlett-Packard computer. In the ad, the song in played in various styles, including Gospel, Mariachi and Metal.
Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker – In 1992 was used in a UK ad for Levi’s jeans. It was re-released that year and went to #16 on the charts.
Born to be Alive – Patrick Hernandez – was used in a 2011 ad for Diesel Jeans’ perfume line, Fuel for Life, and in a Canadian commercial for the Dodge SX 2.0 economy car.
Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder – Companies to use the song in their ads include National Car Rental, JPMorgan Chase, and the New Zealand company State insurance, who featured it in their “the State will keep you moving” spot.
C’Mon Everybody – Eddie Cochran In 1988, this became hit once again in the UK after it was used in a Levi’s jeans commercial.
Cars – Gary Numan – In the UK, this was used in an American Express commercial in the ’80s, as well as an ad for Carling beer that ran in 1996. The beer commercial gave the song new life in the UK.
Eat Steak – The Reverend Horton Heat Boston market used this in commercials for their new beef items, but they only used the “Eat beef, eat beef, it’s a mighty good food” chorus. They left out the part of the song describing how the beef gets there: “Look at all the cows in the slaughterhouse yard, gotta hit ’em in the head, gotta hit ’em real hard, first you gotta clean ’em then the butcher cuts ’em up, throws it on a scale, throws an eyeball in a cup.”
Freedom Of Choice – Devo Freedom Of Choice ad by Miller Lite
I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing – The New Seekers – This was written for a Coca-Cola commercial to be sung by The New Seekers. Considered one of the most effective ads of all time, it featured a group of children from various countries singing the song together on a hilltop. When the commercial became a hit, radio stations got requests for the song, but the only place it could be heard was in the ad. Coke put together a group called The Hillside Singers to record a full version adapted from the commercial. The song had a country sound and hit US #13. Then they had the New Seekers record a version which was also released. Both versions were on the charts at the same time.
I’ll Melt With You – Modern English – The song has been used in numerous television commercials, usually for food. Most famously, it featured in 1990 Burger King ads, but it was also used in commercials for Ritz crackers, M&M’s and Taco Bell.
I’m Free – The Soup Dragons – Chase used this in a commercial television advertisement campaign to promote their credit cards
If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out – Cat Stevens – In 2009, this was used in a commercial for T-Mobile starring Saturday Night Live alumni such as Chevy Chase and Dana Carvey
Life Is a Highway – Tom Cochrane – Since 1992 this song has had a near-continuous popularity thanks to heavy use in commercials. These include one for Cleveland, Ohio-based bank National City Corp and one for the NBC TV series VIPER
Like a Rock – Bob Seger – This was used in an advertising campaign for Chevrolet trucks that ran from 1991 – 2004, making it indelibly associated with the vehicles. The song helped sell a lot of Silverados and is considered one of the best choices for an ad campaign in the history of music
Mellow Yellow – Donovan – This was used in ads for the soda Mello Yello.
Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra – In 2003, this was featured in commercials for the Volkswagen convertible Bug
Mr. Slater’s Parrot – Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band used on a Cadbury’s chocolate advert but changed to “My Cadbury’s Parrot.”
That’s The Way (I Like It) – KC & The Sunshine Band Commercials to use this song include an early-1980s TV spot for Cadbury Crunchie candy bars (replacing the ‘uh huh uh huh’ with crunch-crunch-crunch-crunch), a Crest toothpaste commercial and a Burger King ad, both in the 1990s.
You Really Got Me – Van Halen was used in an animated ad for a Nissan sports car. It featured G.I. Joe stealing Barbie away from Ken and driving off with her.
You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate used in commercials for Dr. Pepper soda.
Cool for Cats – UK Squeeze In 1992, thirteen years after its initial release, the track “Cool for Cats” was used in a British TV commercial for milk. The song was then re-issued in the UK, where it charted at #62


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