Breaking Barriers Podcast – BPW talk Equal Pay Day 2020

Woman speaks onstage - logo for BPWClinton was Breaking Barriers with Jacqueline Graham at the end of August about equal payday and how BPW Australia are helping to empower professional women. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis as seen this year’s pay gap show a greater disparity between men and women. Every industry in Australia has a full time pay gap favouring full-time working men, even in female dominated industries such as health care and social assistance.

“Gender equality and gender diversity at work is not just nice to have. Gender equity is a basic human right, but its achievement also brings socio-economic benefits to everyone. In a global pandemic, now more than ever we must not risk the gain’s women have made. Empowering women increases productivity and growth and the broader community thrives” Jacqueline Graham, BPW Australia President said.

Listen to the full conversation below!

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