Built for Speed

Program: Built for Speed
Broadcast time: Every Friday night 8pm – 10pm
Presenters: Nick, CJ and Jimbo.

Are you a fan of rock, both alternative and classic?

Want to know whether that cinematic blockbuster or art house flick you’ve heard about is worth your time and your hard-earned cash?

Looking for some questionable comedy and pop-cultural commentary?

Then you need to listen to Built for Speed on 88.3 Southern FM.

Built for Speed presenters CJ, Jimbo and Nick have been blasting the Southern suburbs with their favourite music and totally unbiased film reviews every Friday night at 8pm for nearly 16 years.

Whether it’s established bands or music virtually no-one’s heard about, we’ll bring it you if we think it’s any good.  We’re proud to say we were one of the first shows playing artists like Wilco, The Vines and MGMT.

Our film tastes are equally eclectic so if you’re a fan of extreme action, sci-fi, genteel period dramas or some strange combination of these we’ll let you know what’s worth seeing.

We also have the occasional guest drop by and in the past have enjoyed a chat with Mick Molloy, actor Tony Martin, film industry insiders and numerous up-coming bands.

Unlike most programs on the commercial stations we take song requests and every so often tantalise our learned audience with CJ’s rock quiz. So tune in this Friday and gorge yourself on the pop-cultural triple cheese burger that is “Built for Speed”.

Posts for Built for Speed:

Film review: THE ENDLESS, by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

Some may recall filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s intriguing and perplexing doomsday cult drama Resolution from 2012. While not a sequel to that film, sci-fi/ horror flick The Endless explores a similar world in equally odd, brain-twisting fashion. This is one of those labour of love movie projects in which the producers, in this case Benson and Moorhead, are

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Film review: THE DIVINE ORDER, by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

It’s staggering to think that as late as 1971 women were not legally entitled to vote in Switzerland. The inspiring, feel-good, if at times predictable, Swiss film Divine Order dramatises the fight for that right. Set in a picturesque but culturally repressed Swiss village the film stars Marie Leuenberger as Nora, a timid housewife who becomes a beacon for women’s

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What’s on ‘Built For Speed’ Friday 13th April 2018

It’s a very animalistic show on ‘Built For Speed’ this Friday as we review creature-feature ‘Rampage’ and Wes Anderson’s latest idiosyncratic effort, ‘Isle of Dogs’. There’ll be many fine tunes with new Aussie releases, indie music from across the decades, classic rock and more tracks from all-time favourite albums.  Don’t forget our regular preview of gigs and TV for the week.  Check

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What’s on ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 6th April 2018

This week on ‘Built For Speed’ we give our verdict on the long-awaited cinema adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 fantasy novel, ‘A Wrinkle in Time’.  We’ll also take a look at teen drama ‘Love, Simon’.  There’ll be an onslaught of magnificent tunes with more tracks from all-time favourite albums, new Aussie material, classic rock and much more.  Don’t forget our

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What’s on ‘Built For Speed’ Friday 30th March 2018

The best way to spend Good Friday is with ‘Built For Speed’.  This week we give our verdict on Steven Spielberg’s latest film, video game action fantasy ‘Ready Player One’.  We’ll also take a look at creepy sci-fi horror with ‘The Endless’.  Instead of stuffing yourself on hot cross buns you can gorge on some fine tunes with new releases,

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