Songs of Hope next Sunday 9Oct16

Songs of Hope this Sunday 9 October 2016 on 88.3 Southern FM will feature:

  • the story of Roger Bacon, the medieval revolutionary, at 8:45am
  • a talk by Pastor Ian Mitchell of Eastleigh Community Church in Melbourne entitled “Don’t worry, be happy” at 7:30am
  •  plus there will be the usual great hymns and praise and worship music.

Here are the details of the program:
7:00am Part 1 -Bruce DJ
7:10am Our Daily Bread (1m)
7:30am Pastor Ian Mitchell – Don’t worry be happy (22m)
8:00am Part 2 -Rod DJ
8:10am Prayer
8:20am Christian News Bulletin
8:45am Story – Roger Bacon (4m)
9:00am Finish of program

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