Usain Bolt story – podcast

Usain Bolt has been a running legend for years, winning the triple triple at Olympics. Hear his story in 5 minutes. Broadcast on Songs of Hope yesterday

Also podcast is one hour of Songs of Hope from Sunday 20Aug17

“Words for Life” is by Ps Rod Buckingham of Bayside Church and is entitled “Market place ministry”. It goes for 22 minutes.

Our gospel music podcast for 20Aug17 includes:

  • Marie Knight – Does Jesus Care
  • Sisters Of Song – In God’s House
  • Sister Mathews – Stand by Me

Our contemporary Christian songs set includes the songs:

  • This is amazing grace – Shane and Shane
  • Lion and the lamb – Shane and Shane
  • What a beautiful name – Hillsong
  • Cornerstone – Hillsong

Songs of Hope website.

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