Sunday Bloody Sunday – Miss. Transsexual 2016 (Part One) Podcast

After hearing about a pageant where the first prize is a sex-change, Daniela and Clint decided to investigate more into Midsumma’s Miss. Gay and Miss. Transsexual competition. How does one transition between sexes? Can anyone win the sex-change?

There is a lot a confusion about what it means to be transgender – If someone identifies as transsexual, or transgender that is their choice and it should be respected.

This is the first installment of a two-part series which interviews contestants from both areas of the competition. The podcast includes perspectives from both drag queens and transsexuals who discuss their preparation for their competition and outstanding attention to detail in getting ready for the show!

This alternative pageant aims to promote better understanding and acceptance of the gay and transsexual community.

We’ve sure come a long way since Priscilla!


If you’d like to enter, enquire about sponsorship or see the show next year keep up to with Victorian Secrets Promotions here.


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