Two Natural Ladies Podcast 78 – Feldy, neuroplasticity, getting what we want in life – and more…


Who’s stirring our Cosmic Soup? Heal yourself with meditation or water fasting!

Jo & Vicki start their discussion with Lynne McTaggat’s research.

“In the field of quantum physics, the most recent research has shown that the universe is the result of a dynamic process in which the basic elements that constitute everything we see and touch are in a constant state of exchange.” Lynne McTaggart

What would we be capable of if we lived that we are a ‘single organism of interconnected energy fields?’ It is difficult as our culture does not support us being one – rather we are in competition with each other

‘Collaboration and connection’ Two Natural Ladies discuss the benefits of the communities who do this. Examples in the Longevity film show those that work together live longer and healthier.

Jo shares the story of her mother in law returning to her village in Lebanon and being ‘called’ to participate – she was the happiest she has been for a long time

We stumble into looking after each other and are surprised with how it makes us feel

Vicki declares it is time for a paradigm shift! Let’s make this the norm

“The key to changing that perception lies in shifting our focus and our awareness to the proof that is all around us of just how tied together we truly are” Lynne McTaggart

Two Natural Ladies then delve into the world of water fasting and healthy eating. As Vicki was discovering Dr Alan Goldhammer who founded True North in America, Jo discovered Dr John Fielding who founded The Clohesy River health farm out of Cairns in Australia.

Dr Hammer talks about people going vegan who don’t go vegan healthy! Overweight; High blood Pressure; Cardiovascular disease; Cancer; Arthritis are all side effects of the standard American diet

Jo & Vicki continue their discussion on supervised water fasting and teaching people to eat healthier. Educating us all on food and how we can process it “Processing is anything you do to the food to alter its natural state. You can cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier to eat. You can cook it, which softens it and makes the nutrients more available. You can grind it up to avoid having to chew, as in blended salads. These are fairly minimal forms of processing, and thus do not change the nature of the food too much.” Dr Goldhammer

A deep dive into health and wellbeing

17:42- 32.40

It’s just disgusting and yet we can be so kind

Two Natural Ladies start with the 101 really disgusting things according to author Andy Griffiths. Jo feels very vindicated as Number 1 is Brussel Sprouts

Quickly Vicki and Jo move onto Random Acts of Kindness and finding passion in your life.

‘You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziggler

We don’t have to be a visionary, we can find someone who we connect with, who sparks our interest and take on their vision. ‘If we feel passionately towards it, it gives our life purpose’ Simon Sinnek

How do the Two Natural Ladies get inspired? Look for inspiring quotes or listen to some upbeat music and…pick up rubbish

#Letsdoit321. Jo shared her adventure of picking up rubbish with her grandson and Vicki did the same with Jeanette Peterson on their two hour walk.

Everyone was left feeling good – our endorphins were released!

Then the opposite can happen – a traffic story with tooting! Left feeling upset.

The visible made visible…if we had sensors on our head we could see the colours as we go from feeling happy to feeling sad.

What Random Acts of Kindness did you do this week? Donating Lego to The Sixth Child – Jo didn’t want to give away her ‘generational Lego’ so she went online and bought some kits! When we are feeling great we are more likely to do something nice. Being available for your family.

What’s important to you? 5 things you value and do you give time to them?

An entertaining look at some important topics.


Books, Poems and Dolphins

Two Natural Ladies discuss part of their yet to be released book:

  • “We are powerful and strong – it’s really just getting out of the way of ourselves constantly so I keep thinking the jobs done when I’ve got out of the way of myself but there I am in the way again.” Two Natural Ladies


  • We know not to eat junk food but how often do we think junk thoughts?


  • And how like Homer are we? Getting distracted by shiny objects? Vicki and Jo share their creative abilities – together. And the difference it makes being two – together making the perfect person (Laugh)



  • We know bad stuff happens 10% is what happens to us and 90% how react to it. Not dwelling in the bad stuff. “Battling with myself to get out of my own way – I’d rather just stay home I say to myself. Yet once I get out I love it!”


  • We have to get out into life – it doesn’t normally knock on the door – though …Hugh Jackman, Jo would love it if you would (knock on her door)

A poem from our resident poet: and experience of Co-vid

Two Natural Ladies finish with some good news about dolphins



Miracles can happen with Feldenkrais

Two Natural Ladies and Josh start their discussion learning about how Feldenkrais started and what it is

Feldenkrais is a type of movement healing looking at the way people move and coordinate. Overusing, underusing different parts of our body will cause issues over time and Josh uses Feldenkrais to fix these issues and create balance. It’s very gentle so available for most people.

Josh explains how Israeli Moshé Feldenkrais, discovered this healing modality when he was told, after injuring his bicep, that he would need an operation with only 50% chance of success. Using his engineering background he learned how to use the other parts of his body so he could do everything without the bicep –

Jo & Vicki are very excited about Josh’s work in neuroplasticity and how the brain is not hard wired. We can learnt things and create new patterns at any age. AND intention also makes a huge difference

Leaning to slow down the movement and using the brain to help our body to heal. Miraculous!

It’s very much about how the body and brain work together as the brain is not fixed. It can help regain movements that were thought not to be possible. People who have been injured can be helped particularly after the initial stages of an operation or injury Feldenkrais can help get that last 10% of movement back and release the pain. Working the elderly and helping them be more independent.

(AT 1:08:22 can you get rid of the “and your with the two natural ladies” if possible)

As a musician Josh was having a lot of pain in his neck and shoulders, could be quite debilitating. Ended up needing pain killers to help him get through. His muscles stayed switched on all the time. Someone suggested Feldenkrais – the rest is history

We finish with a fun discussion about washing dishes

If you want to find out more: Contact Josh


1:20:10 – 1:28:44

A little interlude into the world of music & broad beans Yay or Nay?

Two Natural Ladies discuss Jo’s adventure into learning drumming – a very brief one!

It just didn’t call her! Vicki learnt the piano and played all the favourites!

Onto broad beans ?

Jo gives her facts from the garden clinic: ‘Broad beans offer one of spring’s best seasonal flavours. Broad beans grow like crazy through winter and their beautiful white and black, pea-shaped flowers appear in winter and early spring.”

And Vicki shares the Two Natural Ladies’ Groupies comments from how disgusting they are to yum yum! It was a 50/50 yah and nays

Uncle Basil and Jeanette Peterson say home grown are much better than canned

And Jo continued to bang on about the disgusting Brussel sprout and the book ‘Just Disgusting “and how parents made kids eat them all!

Many spoke of how they have been damaged by their childhood experiences of being made to eat broad beans (or Brussel sprouts) And this leads to a discussion about parents forcing their kids to eat all their vegies. Really??


1:32:52 – 1:37

Regenerative farming and ‘the beautiful sea queen’ mixed with the doughnut economy

‘We are one but we are many’ We are Australian.- Two Natural ladies ponder: if we are all energy would we part of alien energy?

Jo & Vicki then discuss, Damon Gameau, an amazing Australian who shared Australia’s first circular economy in Yarrabilba

Solar panels and storage; Cycle networks; Leasing of home appliances; Local market gardens

Autonomous vehicles and on-demand transport; EV Charging; Large scale composting

39 kms from Gold Coast in QLD

This leads to a chat about Kate Raeworth’s Doughnut Economy.

Regenerative farming can only go so far, we need seaweed the ‘beautiful sea queen’ that pulls out all the bad stuff and then makes it into good stuff we can eat. (in scientific terms) ?

Now called Marine permaculture, Seaweed is regularly harvested and used for food, biofuel and helps with ocean health, the alkalinity of the water and draws down thousands of tons of carbon from the atmosphere per square metre


Show 78 recorded 16 March 2021


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