Two Natural Ladies Podcast 91 – The Ups and Downs of Motherhood, Electricity & Cars

Before getting onto the more serious topic of motherhood rage, Jo has a present for Vicki – a photo album of themselves and the people they have interviewed. Our photo’s stay on our phone and never get seen.

Two Natural Ladies then discuss this line -‘they had fear in their eyes’ around the rage parents can have with their children’ Something Vicki regrets – like most mums, particularly in our culture. “It was either me or them” in those moments when we get caught up in whatever has happened. Afterwards we regret, apologise and ‘hug it out’. But sometimes we have been at the effect of such rage and not had the apology.

The isolation that Mum’s feel. And we don’t have the same ‘village support’. Two Natural Ladies share what worked when their kids were young and what didn’t. Running a business from home with four kids. We are left on our own to

Jo questions “Parental burnout’ – do people need to work as hard as they do? For some people they could work less? Quantity does not cancel out quality. This is not about being against mums working but for some, who could be OK without working crazy hours and be with their children more.

We are “Victims of our own culture’. How can women working full time do it? Not a judgement an admiration. And we need to be something other than a mother sometimes. “I don’t want to lose me”

It’s like a see-saw. We can only have a balance for a short time. When our children are little there is so much going on, finances, being the best mum, creating a legacy or our children’s future.

This is a great podcast for all Mums weather you are a ‘stay at home mum’ work part-time or full time


GAS was good? Not anymore if ever!

Two Natural Ladies chat with Tim Forcey, founder of “My Efficient Electric Home” Facebook Page that now has 28,000 members.

Tim and others discovered the reverse cycle heating/cooling units were more energy efficient than the old fashioned gas heaters and the ducted heating and cooling. 1/3 of the cost! Tim wanted to share this with as many people as possible. It’s all to do with the fact that the heaters draw air from outside (heat pumps) which is like free heating!

Jo & Vicki discuss with Tim the big savings possible in winter. We have demonised air conditioners – particularly for use in winter and yet they are much more efficient. Not so the little heaters we plug into the wall! THEY are big energy drainers NOT efficient at all.

There are also heat pump systems to heat our water which are really effective and for those with solar on their roof there are even more savings.

Tim explains it is also important to check the insulation, awnings, blinds etc that we have in our houses to keep the heat in or out. we don’t want our houses to be too leaky

If we can we should look at changing from gas for cooking. If remove all gas appliances we can save the yearly fee – it is possibly to get off the gas grid! We can replace our gas heating with a hot water heat pump -only 5% of people use this system at present and we need to do our research. Tim’s Facebook page is a great resource.

When will gas run out? Soon! It’s too expensive to burn. Bass Straight is in decline and in the next couple of years gas will become even more expensive as the proposal is to get Melbourne’s gas from other States or countries.

Tim talks about why gas was seen as good in the past but no longer and electrical appliances have become more efficient.

Two Natural Ladies finish with a discussion around Tim’s three hour energy consults: His tops tips are:

  1. Insolation: – check the insolation in your roof has not been disturbed
  2. Check all the leakages in your house. Eg gaps under the door.
  3. Monitor your electricity regularly – hourly if you want to

Google Tim Forcey or go to


It’s an energy journey not destination.

A quick discussion on energy efficiency – how to save our energy. The hot water on the back with the doona and what a difference this makes. Using a rug, an oodie a hot water bottle (oversized jacket thing)

Then Jo & Vicki go back to a discussion about electricity – sharing facts from Natalie Issacs book. “Every woman’s guide to the planet” The average household has 60-70 gadgets plus light bulbs. How many can we turn off when not in use and how many can we do without.

Ditch the dryer – 12% of use in a household. Half a ton of carbon dioxide per year! AND if one million of us made our shower 4 mins or less it would be the same as planting 900,000 trees.

What’s the best way to turn off our gadgets! if one million women took on #Letsdoit321, picking up three bits of rubbish, what a difference that would make! Vicki’s ‘rubbish picture


Getting older but not grumpier

A little snipper from the Two Natural Ladies

What particular things about our mums (or dads) drive us crazy? Jo shares a few of hers before Vicki reads out something from the book “Older but not wiser”  How crazy do we get when we are told “you’re getting just like your mother!” And finding ways to communicate some of our frustrations without being grumpy.

“If I’d known I was going to live this long id have taken better care of myself!”

“At my age I can say exactly what I like” Listen to this delightful little snippet for more J

52:30 – 1:12:12 APPROX

Dip sticks, dirty bits, motors and wipers

Two Natural Ladies have a wonderful Chat with Cathy Shaw owner of Bentleigh Automotive.

We can’t see the parts of our car that are dirty and Cathy loves showing people these dirty bits and why we need to get them replaced or get them cleaned. She demystifies the car and its parts.

Cathy started working with Darren, her husband, part time in the business when their kids were little and as her confidence and knowledge grew Cathy moved to the front counter where she gets to connect with people. This is where Cathy loves to be, chatting and connecting with people and there is always something going on. The satisfaction of helping people with something almost everyone has and at some point will need help with. Our cars are an expensive asset and when there is a problem can mean big dollars. Cathy loves educating people in what we need to do and how important maintenance is – it will save us in the long run.

A few great tips:

  •         Trust yourself. If there is a new noise get it checked.
  •         Use your air conditioner in winter with your heater to defrost the car quickly
  •         Make sure your wipers are working properly

Jo & Vicki ask what the difference is between a dealership and an independent dealership. Bentleigh Automotive will check what is recommended to be fixed and see if it really needs to be done. With dealerships it is automatically done.

Like many industries Co-vid had a major effect on their business. It was very difficult during the lockdown period but then extremely busy before Christmas. A roller coaster ride!

During our discussion Cathy recommends people check their cars regularly and keep them moving regularly. Just like people cars need to be active! It is important to have some knowledge about your car as it is one of the most expensive items you will ever own.

AND where’s your dip stick? ?

Being part of the Bosch community means they have people around them that can offer support. Not isolated and on their own. So many varieties of cars and makes and models.

The industry has become much more complicated.


Benefits of owning a car

  1. Health and Emergencies
  2. Independence and Freedom
  3. Privacy
  4. Safety
  5. Save Time
  6. Take Pleasure Trips
  7. Flexibility


Also Walking to the supermarket

Reasons not to have a car:

  1. Pollution
  2. Costs

Those people who have never driven – or have one car between them

Pros and Cons – better not perfect.

Can be quicker on the train 45 mins in car rather than 30mins on train – benefits of exercise. People who get in the car to drive around the corner. Trains run on time every 10 minutes.

1:20:50 -1:28 approx (down town song comes on briefly)

Who would you be like to sit on a park bench with if you could choose anyone dead or alive? Jo went with the famous – Anthony Hopkins, Ghandi, Melissa McCarthy for various reasons.

Vicki chose her mum who died a number of years ago. She would love to talk to her about Op shopping, the garden, what the kids are doing and just hang out with her.

Was Ghandi crazy or brilliant? Are the Two Natural Ladies a bit crazy, and are they brilliant as well?

Talking of genius – Abraham Hicks has made a difference to Two natural Ladies. A lot of wisdom. An emotional guidance scale. We often try to take a leap from depression to happiness. We need to start with small steps. Find where we are on the scale and find thoughts to lift us up

22 emotions. At the bottom is Fear, Despair, grief, powerlessness if you’re there the only way is up. Anger is a step up from despair. A great way to put things into perspective. Reaching out and find a better feeling thought.

And remember where ever you are now just give it time and it will shift. We never have it all handled.


1:29:05 – 141:56

Feeling joy, feeling grateful and accepting what is

Two Natural Ladies start this podcast discussing the benefits of getting out of a funk by going for a walk, finding a better feeling thought. And when you are feeling good enjoy the joy – the ‘good place’. ‘This too shall pass’ can be a great message to keep in the forefront when you are having a bad day.

Vicki shares more wisdom? from her book ‘Older but not Wiser’ “I’m going to retire and live of my savings. Not sure what I’ll do on the second day.”

Gratitude and turning life around.  Two Natural Ladies share a great quote and a great story. Little gifts of kindness can make such a difference. AND Abraham has a wealth of information around acceptance and allowing.

Jo & Vicki move on from age to youth. Would it be better if youth came a bit later? The passion of youth is so important and our experience as we age gives us the ability to see things in a more holistic light.

Two Natural Ladies finish with the pivotal age of seven age: The Steiner Philosophy goes in cycles of 7years. The series 7 up explores Aristotles quote: “Give me a child to the age of 7 and I’ll give you the man” following a group of children every seven years. Jo & Vicki chat about what is achieved in this series and also the impact on some of the participants.

A quick mention of Zack Ephron talking about Blue Zones gives this wonderful upbeat podcast an “attractive” ending J

Show 91 recorded June 22, 2021

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