Two Natural Ladies Podcast 92 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun !

Jo: Good morning this is Vicki and this is Jo and we are the Two Natural Ladies

Vicki: Sharing what we have discovered over our years on earth

Jo: Networking and sharing what others have to offer and the difference they are making

Vicki: Contributing to others with new thoughts and ideas and looking to un-stick where we are stuck

Through light-hearted conversations banter, play – and a bit of poetry along the way

Jo: And some deeper discussions when needed! We love feedback and new topics to discuss – Get in touch through our socials while we are on air – or after –

And Welcome to everyone listening this morning from Victoria Australia and beyond – thank you for joining us – please enjoy the show as we chat with each other on various topics and also welcome our special guests Maureen & Shruti about Art and Authenticity  and Meryl Sukumar about competitive sustainability in business.

Recorded July 6, 2021

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