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Another jam packed show including many and varied topics –


0min-12mins 38seconds
Self Care: why do we think we are not OK? (12 mins 38 seconds)
Two Natural Ladies read an excerpt from their book – Jo starts with a discussion about why we think we are not ok? We are always too fat, too shy, and not smart enough. Jo was quite confident except in their area of her weight. A legacy of her mum and her mum’s mum.
AN event in 2014 shifted Jo’s world forever and she questioned everything. Her confidence was shot to pieces!
“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly” Unknown
Neuroplasticity: reprograming our brains.
Are we the same personality throughout our life? Some believe we are basically the same personality unless we have a brain injury or major traumatic event. Was Jo’s incident something that changed her personality? Vicki feels she has changed over the years – but is her basic personality the same?
Self care includes making commitments – particularly when we are struggling. Just getting out of bed, having a shower, doing a load of washing can make a difference.
Vicki and Jo share their mental health journey – the things that worked and didn’t in creating mental strength
Vicki’s life events in her late teens led her to take, for a short time, some prescription drugs for her depression/anxiety around her parents separating and her split from her boyfriend. Vicki used half the medication recommended. Using the medication to give her a bit of relief and help her retrain her brain. Now Vicki would have used diet, exercise and community involvement to help her out of her funk
Sometimes we need a bit of relief And we are all different
Jo and Vicki hope some of this discussion resonates with you and in some small way assists you ?
The podcasts finishes with the reading of a Poem
Being down and out,
Can seem never ending.
Where nothing is positive,
And doom is impending.

The lights all go out,
And clouds cover the sky.
Leaving us broken and torn,
Screaming why oh why.

This terrible phenomenon,
Is something we all will feel.
Over the course of our lives,
It feels so real.

But without this experience,
Without these times of sorrow.
We have nothing to contrast,
the positivity of tomorrow.

Without the clouds,
Covering the sky.
We can not appreciate,
When we see birds fly.

We cannot understand,
The true joy of the light.
If we have never, not once,
Been alone in the night.

So embrace the dark,
And welcome times of sorrow.
It’s what makes us human,
We are anything but hollow.

And remember this,
It’s the important one.

When you witness the magic,
Of life in the sun.
And in that moment,
You’re grateful for everyone.

It’s because you know,
Just what it’s like.
To be sad, to be hurt,
To feel life’s sharp bite.
Michael Raydan

18:17 sec – 24:14 (5mins 57sec)
Self Care: Are you sitting up straight and laughing?
Two Natural Ladies discusses Stephanie Rother’s tips to feeling better. Stephanie, a naturopath and hypnotherapist gives two simple steps to uplifting ourselves.
1. Body posture: so important for our self-confidence our stress levels and how we act throughout the day.
2. Make yourself laugh. Watch a light hearted comedy, laugh with your friends, do something silly, wear silly clothes, experiment with makeup –
Jo & Vicki love a good laugh and chat about other ways we can create laughter in our lives!
Vicki Friedman
Stephanie Rother
Braith Bamkin
1 Million Women
Zero Waste Chef
Marcia Ward

24:14 (or 24:44 Cause we use the John Lennon music?) – 33:34 ( 9 mins and 20 secs 0r 8mins and 50 seconds)
Give Peas a Chance – that’s all we’re saying ?
Vicki discusses the many benefits of peas and how to cook them, while Jo, and our fabulous 88.3 Southern FM friend Paulin O’Brien try to work out the phone issues – yet again (laugh)
Pea Ice cream is suggested as well as mushy peas, peas with tuna and egg and even a few pea haters! Two Natural ladies cannot understand how anyone could dislike peas and acknowledge for some it is a childhood thing. Being made to sit at the table and finish your peas – or before getting to the yummy bits – DESERT!
Jo shares some nutritional information after giving up on the phones (laugh emoji)

40:32 – 50:22 (9 Mins 50 secs)
Is our life full of rubbish?
Two Natural Ladies chat about the rubbish on the beach and how we can reduce this by bringing containers and taking them home rather than single use plastic. Unfortunately there will still be a need for us all to pick up a few #Letsdoit321 – on the beach, at the shops, in your street!
1 Million Women have a number of amazing initiatives as does the Zero Waste chef around reducing our rubbish. Jo & Vicki discuss some of Anne Marie’s (Zero Waste Chef) ideas around gifts – which leads on to discussion about Vicki’s garden and Jo’s friend giving plants for Christmas’s and birthdays! Ask what people need. Christmas gifts and innovative ‘Kris Kringle’ ideas– stealing each other’s presents? ? There are so many ways we can Reduce; Reuse; Recycle
The philosophy Two Natural Ladies live by ‘Do Better not Perfect’ is demonstrated with Jo’s great plastic recycling and Vicki’s wonderful worms.

50:24 – 1:19:50
Self-Care and Planet Care: it’s our habits that make the difference
Two Natural Ladies interview Marcia Ward about her passion for our planet’s wellbeing and people’s wellbeing. Vicki and Jo start by asking Marcia about B Corporations and what is the value of being certified as a B Corp? People become overwhelmed with earth care and what they can do to make a difference. When using a B corp company you are guaranteed that the organisation is following eco protocol in all areas.
A few well know B corporations include: Who Gives a Crap; Intrepid Travel; Bank Australia and Arbonne
Marcia, Jo and Vicki continue with a discussion of building healthy habits. Looking at Mindset; Movement; Nutrition; Daily self-care; quality of relationship and community involvements. We have the power to make changes and using gratitude, meditation and breathing, help keep us feeling positive.
Random Acts of Kindness release endorphins for us and others -we will never know the difference we make ?

1:22:08 – 137:47
Hair, radio mishap – who the Two Natural Ladies?
Jo & Vicki chat with Adrian Wood, Two Natural Ladies resident poet from Scarborough UK
Adrian has been listening to Two Natural Ladies’ radio shows since the beginning of March 2019. A loyal listener and poet, Vicki and Jo have received over twenty poems from Adrian. How Jo gets it wrong, will the Two Natural Ladies go grey, a poem for Vicki’s birthday and so much more ?
Enjoy some laughs and poetry read out by the poet himself.

Show 64 – November 10, 2020

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