Two Natural Ladies – Show 27 – 11 Feb 2020 – including interview with Pauline O’Brien

Join Two Natural Ladies conversation as we discuss practical uplifting ways we can all make a difference, speak to wonderful people about the amazing things they are up to in life and play uplifting songs.
Our topics of discussion for this week include –

“There’s greater happiness waiting for you if you form bonds with other people” unknown

• Community – the good bad and ugly – and the absolute amazing magic that is always possible
• Sandy beach Centre stories of the founders and memories from their daughter Jo
• Interview with Pauline O’Brian –

Pauline hosts two shows on Southern FM –

“Community Capers” – Tuesday 8am to 10am / Thursday


“In the middle of an island” 11am to 12pm – Take a radio journey on the Learjet with Pauline O’Brien to Whizz Fizz Island

“You won’t understand the unabashed power of community until you are part of one” (unknown)

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