Doherty Institute scientist explains COVID-19 vax

Forget the social media misinformation about Coronavirus. Have a listen to this podcast to hear Dr Jennifer Juno from The Doherty Institute in conversation with Colin Tyrus about the safe, effective vaccines that will protect you against serious illness from COVID-19. As broadcast on 88.3 Southern FM – Monday 23 August 2021.

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Independent Cinemas COVID plea – Podcast

Independent Cinemas are calling for Federal Government support to help them survive the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this podcast from A Newsman and his Music, Palace Cinemas CEO Benjamin Zeccola is speaking with Colin Tyrus. More info: Photo: Palace Brighton Bay Cinema, Bay Street, Brighton

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Herd beware: immunity to coronavirus in UK is falling

Professor Mike Toole AM, Epidemiologist at Burnet Institute, joined Hear and There presenter Nathan Reynolds in a wide ranging discussion covering international efforts to defeat COVID-19, the importance of QR codes and rapid testing, and the implications of rolling out a two-dose vaccine that needs to be stored at -80 degrees Celsius.

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