Radio Ga Ga presents songs that mention or refer to other rock stars in the lyrics


Yes yes yes, Don McLean sang about Buddy, The Bopper and Valens amongst others in “American Pie” (the song, not the movie) but there are plenty of other songs which feature lyrics about the musicians that shaped our lives. This week on a fabulous Radio Ga Ga you get to hear many of these songs, including “Catch My Disease” by Ben Lee “they play Sleepy Jackson on the radio”, Arthur Conley puts the “spotlight on James Brown” in a song he co-wrote with Otis Redding, Bowling For Soup tell us that “Springsteen & Nirvana” have had their day and “McGuinn & McGuire still get higher” in The Mamas & Papas tribute to Mama Cass and The Byrds. Yes, 2 hours on Radio Ga Ga of songs that refer to other important arists in the lyrics is what it is all about. Do you like Radio Ga Ga? then join us on FACEBOOK.

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