Radio Ga Ga presents The Replacements

Surprisingly few rock bands have been able to move on from the loss of a lead singer. This week on Radio Ga Ga we showcase the bands who have done just that (with varying degrees of success). It worked okay for Van Halen, it worked brilliantly for ACDC, it did not work so well for INXS, Genesis did it nicely, Whispering Jack did not fit in too well with LRB so they got Glenn Shorrock back, Faith No More went from strength to strength when Mike joined the act, Pink Floyd mirrored their music as they went introspective to replace Syd Barrett whilst it was a bump in the road for Skyhooks when Tony Williams replaced Shirley Strachan.

Tune in on Saturday morning at 10am to hear the hits and misses, the before and afters, the swings and roundabouts that were replacement lead singers.

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