Radio Ga Ga’s artists who had hits as solo artists after having success as part of a band

Everybody knows that Sting went off to a huge solo career after The Police, likewise Steve Winwood had plenty of success by himself after Traffic and The Spencer Davis Group became “no more”, but there are others. Remember Wham!! Can you remember Andrew Ridgeley’s big hit single??? Perhaps not, but the guy with him in the picture above certainly went on with the business despite the odd rash moment in public places. Remember The Steve Miller Band (pictured above right) and their big hits such as The Joker, Rock ‘n’ me and Abracadabra, yes?, well then, which man in the picture went on to a huge solo career in the ’70’s & 80’s? Hint, he was a smooth operator but he is not Sade’.

Tune in for the next 2 Saturday mornings from 10.00am to hear the artists who went just as well by themselves as they did with their bands on Radio Ga Ga, the show with a different theme every week, except when they have so much material they need to carry it over to the next week plus fun trivia and interesting tidbits and banter with Lucy and Mark.


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