It is testimony to talent (with the occasional exception, Milli Vanilli comes to mind) for any artist to reach the music charts. On Radio Ga Ga for the next two Saturday mornings between 10am and noon we are seeking out and finding those whose flirtations with the Australian top 100 charts were brief, some spectacular some less so, some reaching the top of the charts, some just scraping into the top 100 before abseiling away forever. Many you will remember, many you will not until you hear the tune that captured their special moment in time. So, a smorgasboard of these Australian artists await to titillate your ears and bring back some wonderful nostalgic memories from the last 45 years or so. Abby Dobson, The Monitors, Kisschasy, I’m Talking, Maybe Dolls, The Ferrets, The Dugites, Candice Alley, Diana Trask, Absent Friends, MEO245, Lee Harding, Amity Dry, Aneiki, Cattletruck, Do-Re-Mi, Mississippi, Sister Janet Mead, The Androids, The Johnny’s, Wa Wa Nee and even Southern FM’s own Paul O’Gorman.



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