The Nicknamed Ones on Radio Ga Ga

Bruce Springsteen is “The Boss”, Frank Sinatra was “The Chairman of the Board” and our own Kylie Minogue is referred to as “The Singing Budgie”. They will all feature on this weeks Radio Ga Ga nicknames special. Who are the artists who have become known and referred to by monikers bestowed upon them. If you think of any send them in to Radio Ga Ga via SMS 0404000736 otherwise just sit back and enjoy the show as we play great tunes by great artists who became synonymous with their alter ego. The Thin White Duke, The Big Man, Pearl, Basher, The Man in Black, The Big O, Mr.Mojo Risin aka The Lizard King and The Divine Miss M will all feature. Find out the origin of their nicknames as we spend two hours with some of the greats from 10am on Southern FM – The Sounds of the Bayside.

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