Your reality check with Richard

In this Men’s Health and Wellbeing podcast from A Newsman and His Music, Richard Chan looks at the benefits of volunteering in your community.

Richard also has some advice on maintaining a positive outlook in a world full of negative news:
Close your eyes and imagine being paid $100 for every piece of green you see. Open your eyes and look around, you will see green popping out everywhere.
Now close your eyes. How many pieces of blue did you see? Not many? Imagine being paid $500 for every piece of blue you see… Now open your eyes.
Blue will start popping out. You didn’t see the blue when looking for the red.
Your thoughts create your emotion, your emotion creates your actions, your actions create your reality.
Listen to Men’s Health and Wellbeing with Richard Chan and Sam Gledhill on A Newsman and His Music every second Monday at 10 AM.


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