Mike Heatley and Andy Davis on Purple Haze – Podcast

In this Podcast, Mark Copolov interviews the reissue producer Mike Heatley & reissue producer & liner notes author Andy Davis about their involvement in the “Come & Get It: The Best Of Apple Records” release, which is the first commercial multi-artist compilation in record company Apple’s history. The 16 cds & downloads have all been digitally remastered. The Beatles founded Apple Records in London in 1968 as a forward-thinking, artist-oriented label that would foster talent in a creative friendly environment, & provide an alternative to the traditional record companies that had dominated the British music industry since before World War II.

Between 1968 & 1973, Apple Records issued around 50 different singles by artists other than The Beatles. This first ever digital remaster compilation of Apple Records releases is a collection, which  is a selection from that catalogue, each an A-side, a few US-only, & each epitomising in its own way what Apple was all about. It’s an electric collection, spanning the musical genres & drawing upon influences from around the world.

While never run intentionally on a wholly commercial basis, Apple Records was nevertheless a highly successful record label. Around a quarter of its singles charted in the UK or the US — that’s a hits-to-releases ratio that few other labels have ever achieved.

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