Beatle Author Hans Olof Gottfridsson interview with Purple Haze presenter Mark Copolov, discussing Han’s book “The Beatles from Cavern to Star-Club: The Illustrated Chronicle, Discography and Price Guide 1957-62”. This interview is a must for Beatle fans (interview & music of 2 hours & 18 minutes) and essential for hard core fans

In this podcast, Mark interviews Beatle specialist Hans Olaf about his 470 page coffee table book, “The Beatles from Cavern to Star-Club: The Illustrated Chronicle, Discography and Price Guide 1957-62’. This book contains an enormous amount of details about The Beatles 1960-1962 period, which is often only briefly mentioned in most Beatle biography books.

Hans & Mark talk mainly about :

  • The Quarrymen days (John’s first band)
  • Their time in Hamburg, backing English singer/guitarist Tony Sheridan, including their recordings at The Star Club, as well as their recordings with German producer, composer and recording artist Bert Kaempfert
  • Their failed audition for Decca records
  • Their early days recording for EMI with producer Sir George Martin at Abbey Road Studios
  • PLUS this interview includes a major revelation that 99% of even hard core Beatle fans won’t know. As Hans says, if you have a copy of this recording you could afford to buy a castle’!!

Mark has also appended to this podcast some of the songs they did not focus on but did mention in passing : Girl, Twists and Shout, Kansas City/Hey,hey,hey,hey,Goodnight, Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane

“A splendid time is guaranteed for all”!

Hans Olof Gottfridsson :


Regards to all,

Mark Copolov, 88.3 Southern FM, Melbourne, Australia,,

Here is an excerpt from a review about Han’s wonderful book

Hans Olof Gottfridsson has delved into the murky waters of those early Hamburg sessions and has come up with an incredibly informative book on the Beatles’ early career. It is billed as a chronicle, discography and price guide. The discography section includes recordings known to have been made but which remain unissued, legal or otherwise, alongside superfluous releases from Sheridan and a couple of other people.What isn’t open to speculation is that the eight Polydor recordings have probably been issued more times than any other songs by anyone.

Some of the early text in this heavyweight book is familiar ground for Beatle aficionados but included within that often encountered narrative are interviews with those who played a part; Carole Higgins (Percy Phillips’ daughter), the other Quarrymen, Roy Young, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Byrne, and a few others. Some of what they say does pose some interesting questions, not least in what was taped in the studio in Germany. Whatever you may think about what Sheridan, Pete Best, and the tape operator say, they were there and we weren’t. In addition to lots of worthwhile text, are many unseen (certainly by me) photos of tape boxes, acetates, documents, posters and records. Though none of the group photos spread liberally within the pages are unseen, they do fit in well.

To compliment this fine body of work, a four track EP (that’s Extended Play for those under a certain age) is included, containing both the English and German spoken intro versions of `My Bonnie’, `Swanee River’ (which is one of the conjectured songs), and the original version of `Sweet Georgia Brown’ (apart from this EP, this version was unavailable anywhere else for a number of years). Moreover, it’s in stereo.



TONIGHT! Purple Haze this Wednesday 29th November 2017 8-10.30pm, with presenter Mark Copolov – special guests include : Russel Morris, Jack Jones, Daryl Braithwaite, Rohan Brooks (Rudely Interrupted) and music entrepreneur Dennis Smith

On Mark’s version of ‘Purple Haze’, he will have as guests:

  • Russell Morris will talk about his ‘Ghosts & Legends’ Super Deluxe set
  • Jack Jones will talk about his new cd ‘California Dreaming’
  • Daryl Braithwaite talks about his Sherbet monster hit ‘Howzat’
  • Rohan Brooks from Rudely Interrupted talks about their new cd ‘Love You Till I Die’
  • Dennis Smith will talk about his upcoming ‘Go Show Gold concert
  • Mark will also spin new cds by: Ringo Starr, Neill Finn, Boomers Jukebox, Baggage Claim & The Doors & others


It’s a packed show with lots of variety. We hope you can tune in.

      Daryl Braithwaite



   Jack Jones


  Ringo Starr

     Russell Morris


 Dennis Smith

Regards to all,

Mark Copolov


Jack Jones podcast with Purple Haze presenter Mark Copolov, discussing Jack’s new cd ‘California Dreaming’ (interview & music of 1 hour & 15 minutes)

In this podcast, Mark interviews Australian singer, songwriter & guitarist Jack Jones, about his new studio cd ‘California Dreaming’, which he recorded with Rick Price. The cd is  a tribute to the west-coast California sounds of the 60’s & 70’s, something that Jack & Rick share a love of.

The cd contains covers of songs by : The Mamas And The Papas, Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Eagles, The Doors, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, The Byrds, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Jack is best known in Australia as the lead singer & songwriter of 90’s band Southern Sons in 1990.  The band’s self-titled debut album hit double platinum and spawned three top-top hits, ‘Heart In Danger’, ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’ and ‘You Were There’.




Please note – this podcast includes excerpts from some of the songs original songwriters, including Glenn Frey & John Phillips, both of whose interviews were recorded 20 years ago on primitive equipment, with unfortunately unclear telephone lines, so their audio quality is poor but have been included for their historical importance.




TONIGHT – Purple Haze this Wednesday August 30th 8-10pm – Mike McClellan, Wingspan, Glen Campbell, Baggage Claim and Catnip with presenter Mark Copolov

Mark will :

  • be interviewing Mike McClellan about his new cd ‘No Intermission’
  • have performing ‘live in the studio’, the band Wingspan, who will be performing songs from their new cd ‘Celebrating The Songs Of Paul McCartney’
  • pay a tribute to Glen Campbell, including an excerpt from their 2007 interview
  • play new songs by local bands Baggage Claim & Catnip























Mark with Glen Campbell, 2009:






Mark Copolov




Glen Campbell interview/tribute with Mark Copolov (Purple Haze presenter – 56 minutes)

Glen Campbell sadly passed away recently on 8th August 2017. Back in 2009 Glen gave a terrific interview to Mark about his then new cd ‘Meet Glen Campbell. They also talked about some of Glen’s prior monster hits, which have included : ‘Galveston’, ‘By The Time I Get To Phoenix’, ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, ‘Gentle On My Mind’, Southern Nights etc.

This is the first time Mark has loaded this interview for podcasting.











Glen backstage with Mark at the Palais, Melbourne, 2009.


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