Paul Anka with Mark Copolov on Purple Haze – Podcast

In this Podcast, Mark Copolov interviews Paul Anka, who was one of the biggest teen idols of the late ’50s. Paul moved on to become a successful performer, songwriter, music businessman, record label owner & recording artist. Paul talks about his new cd, ‘Songs Of December’, as well as some of his huge hits, which include Diana, Lonely Boy, You’re Having My Baby.

He also talks about some of the songs he wrote for other artists, which include :

‘It doesn’t matter anymore’ (Buddy Holly), ‘This is it’ (Michael Jackson), ‘She’s a lady’ (Tom Jones) & his masterpiece ‘My Way’ (Frank Sinatra).

Click play below to hear the show in full.






Paul very kindly had my wife Rachel & I as his guests to his amazing concert in Melbourne, March 2014. Paul the audience in the palm of his hand from the very first to last note of the concert. Paul was the ultimate showman and wonderful host.

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  • Thanks for sharing this on internet so we can enjoy this fabulous interview with the legendary PAUL ANKA.We in the states think PAUL is the greatest.His new album is superb.It accomplished all he set out to in this album. It is the most romantic and lush version I have ever heard can be played all year.Im still playing it and I live in florida no snow.Also,I know PAUL must have handpicked every musician for the orchestra cause the music was as excellent as his singing as always.

  • Great Interview. I Love Paul’s music. When he gives a concert, he puts his whole heart and soul into it, and he always leaves them wanting more. His music has been a constant in my life. He is very special and his fans love him, as I do. I even sport an AnkaFan license plate on the back of my care.

  • This is a great interview. Paul is the best entertainer, and always leaves his concert goers wanting more. His fans have been loyal to him for a long time, as I have. I even sport an ANKAFAN license plate on the back of my car.

  • I was fortunate to be at the Paul Anka concert at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA (USA) last night and was just blown over by his performance. I decided to go into his website today and found this great interview you had with him last year. Enjoyed listening to it very much.

  • Merci Mister Paul Anka pour votre carriere pour les chansons que vous avez écrites pour le bonheur que vous nous apportez mais mon plus souhait avnt de passer derriere le miroir c’est de vous voir et entendre dans une salle Francaise , une immense salle viens d’ouvrir a Montpellier (ARENA) si vous venez je serai là tenez moi au courant donné des dates pour ces concerts Francais .Merci.A bientot.

  • Bernadette Rudd (Coppola)

    I have KNOWN Paul (his father)Andy Anka was my neighbor and friend in Toronto, Canada, for many years..Used be see him often after a show and was “part of the family” so-to-speak.
    Moved away and then used to go to any of his performances any where near Chicago, Il. Very nice person and very affable when you know him…He is Lebanese and NOT FRENCH CANADIAN (sorry Jackblues) And I also brought hom many mediterranean foods after concerts. I heard him composing a song on the piano and he asked me what did I think of IT…
    I stated that anything to do with the birth or the death of anyone HAS to be a meaningful….it was his now famous son “Having My Baby”…That’s way B4 he divorced Anne and Married some Swedish “model” (& now divorced her) I believe because she produce a son and Anne (only) had 5 girls…
    Love him anyway. Hope he come by Chicago, Il. USA next year
    His friend “Bernie”

  • Bernadette Rudd (Coppola)

    P.S. Andy Anka (Paul’s father) once or twice asked me to marry him and I said I didn’t know! Now he’s deceased and I miss him and Paul a lot….It was a special part of my life. He is beginning to look like his father now (Paul and me are 7 yrs apart in age)…he’s older! What a legend Hope I get to see him at least once again…. B4 we both get too much older LOL

  • Since the age of 12, I have been a loyal and loving Fan of Paul Anka..His concerts are awsome. His heat and soul goes into each song he is singing…I have followerd him all over my area to see him in concert.. I have been very fortunate to have had the chance to dance with him at 3 of his concerts..Something I will never forget.. In my heart and soul this is the Greatest performer ever…Hopefully I will get the chance to see him perform again..Diana

  • When are you coming back to Vancouver?

  • Beverly Bullerdick

    My husband and I have been to many of Paul concerts and he is on top of the list. I live in Henderson NV and look every week for the lists of shows that are coming to Vegas just to not miss Paul. I had the privilege of being at a concert one evening and was sitting just in front of Paul and his family. I am very respectful of our artists and never bother them. But! I could not pass up the both and not say something to let him know how talented I think he is. He very nice and I told him I hold him higher than any other composer. He is number one on my list of people who can take the people who come to see him and put them right in the palm of their of his hands.
    We will be seeing him again in March and I am so looking forward to the show. Thank you Paul for your beautiful music. My favorite song is the one with your daughter. I cry every time I hear it. I hope you include it your show at Buffalo Bills. Thank you for your talent.

  • Last night I watched Paul’s Live in Switzerland concert on PBS and was blown away as usual. Paul is one of a kind as an artist. Earier today I tried to explain to may daughter just how great he is, hard to find the words. I keep checking to see when he will be coming back to western Canada or Vegas. Just have to see him again. You can tell that he loves performing and his fans. Sure hope to see him soon.

  • What is the theme of the podcast?

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