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200px-Mary_MacKillopListen again to the story of Mary MacKillop, broadcast on Sunday 18 October, on Songs of Hope. She is Australia’s one and only saint in the Catholic church. She was an Australian nun who founded a congregation of religious sisters that established a number of schools and welfare institutions throughout Australia. Her emphasis was education for the rural poor. Play time is 5 minutes.

Songs of Hope gospel podcast includes the following songs:

  • Where He leads me – Blind boys of Mississippi
  • Working on a building – Swan silverstones
  • Pray on – Staple Singers

Words for Life podcast is the talk by local pastor Ian Mitchell. Its his recent Fathers Day sermon, and in entitled “A Dysfunctional Family”.

Our prayer podcast is a prayer by Queen Elizabeth I. It is a grace for praying before mealtimes

The songs podcast for 18 October 2015 includes:

  • Lord reign in me – UK’s top 30 worship songs
  • We are the light – Lisa Couper
  • Lord I give you my heart – Hillsong

Songs of Hope website:

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  • Why is the play time only 5 minutes ?

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  • Great podcast, I think it will be useful for many people, not just poor Australians. It’s great that there are so many not indifferent people who want to help so disinterestedly and sincerely. After all, education is so important in our time and I want absolutely every person to be able to afford it, regardless of the availability of money or skin colour.

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