Songs of Hope podcasts for 7 Sep 2014

james-clerk-maxwellListen again to the podcasts for Songs of Hope for 7 Sep 2014. They include the story of James Clerk Maxwell, a genius who worked out the relationship between magnetism, electricity and light.

The hymns podcast includes the following hymns:

  • When I survey – St Michaels singers
  • From heaven you came – St Michaels singers
  • God be in my head – Harry Secombe

The prayer podcast is Psalm 1 “The way to happiness”. It is read by Max McLean

Also listen to Kevin Pedersen’s second talk on work entitled “Is what you do who you are?”

The second-last podcast is a one hour Songs of Hope program for 7 September 2014 – one hour of Christian music.

The Spotlight podcast features Tasmanian Christian band “BMG Pattern” with Brendon Stanborough and the song “Not Long”.

Songs of Hope website:

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