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Beginning – 15:30 (15mins 30 seconds)
What do our children really think of us? The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Two Natural Ladies interview their children: Something they learnt was ‘Get that you failed and go from there’
Jo & Vicki found the conversations interesting and illuminating
Vicki crying in the car and how her daughter felt. Jo yelling at the kids, her guilt and yet her children didn’t even mention this! Vicki cooking with the kids and Jo playing games with her boys, Vicki snuggling with her brood and Jo’s nightly reading -all the children appreciated the things these mums did with them

Jo received a rating of 8.7 out of 10 even though she was seen as quite strict.
Two Natural Ladies chatted about how their kids felt as young children and how they feel now as adults.
Feeling exhausted, tolerance low, wanting to be the perfect mum and failing. There was a healing in having these conversations and knowledge that although Vicki and Jo aren’t perfect they did a pretty good job and their children appreciated much of what they did when they were younger.

We can all say the wrong thing and make the wrong decision and saying sorry can make such a difference.
Enjoy this podcast of trials and tribulation and a whole lot of love. – We are all human!

19:07 – 34:36 (15 mins 29seconds)
An edible coffee cup – what a brilliant idea!

Two Natural Ladies chat with Catherine Hutchins, one of the founders of Good-Edi the creators of an edible and compostable coffee cup.
Two Melbourne women, Catherine and her partner Aniyo realised one day while drinking their coffee what a huge issue the disposable coffee cup is to our environment. One Billion cups are thrown out in Australia per year.

Through trial and error over 18 months, Good Edi founders have created a coffee cup that will not break down for 40 mins. With 20 years of experience in the food processing and packaging industry between them and a passion for sustainability and the environment they wanted these nutritious cups, full of fibre and grains, made locally.
Vicki and Jo chat with Catherine about the challenges throughout their experimental stage, where they are now and what we can all do to help these cups get to us all soon.

Creating a Start Up has many trials a few steps Catherine can recommend:
-Have clear goals
-Taking small steps every day
-Getting help from mentors, family and likeminded people
-keeping some momentum

Enjoy this inspiring story on Two Natural Ladies latest podcast

38:24- 51:58 (13 mins and 34 seconds)
Parenting: A never ending story

Two Natural Ladies discuss how children are yours for life – just like a puppy ?
Vicki and Jo have both done a number of personal development courses which have helped in their parenting. They talk about one course in particular that influenced them both greatly – P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) which began over 45 years ago as the first national parent-training program to teach parents how to communicate more effectively with kids and offer step-by-step advice to resolving family conflict so everybody wins.
It was and still is a ground-breaking program.
This course gives parents step by step advice. Active listening! Whose problem is it? Pick your battles.
A compassionate program that helps us all communicate more effectively
Vicki then starts a conversation around the dilemma of mums working or not working – the no win scenarios.
TV was discussed extensively. Jo limited the amount her kids were able to watch, Vicki often found the TV on while kids were elsewhere. Vicki’s kids remember going away a lot as their grandparents lived hours away. Jo reminisces about the ‘special day’ her boys had with her – each term each child had a special day off to do whatever they wanted with their mum.

Vicki spent hours cooking with her kids, who are now in hospitality and have great independent living skills.

This is a great podcast for all parents – a real reflection into the world raising children.

53:04 – 1:17:20
Science, Corporate life, Yoga and Meditation – it all comes down to Energy
Two Natural Ladies chat with Jeanette Peterson on her science and corporate career ad how this lead to her life as a Yoga and meditation teacher. Jeanette met a lot of stressed-out corporates and saw the correlation between science yoga and mindfulness.
Energy is the key to it all. And for some this feels like ‘woo woo’ But just like we can’t see the air or the internet, energy is real and it is the sum of all of us – in fact everything is made up of energy.
“I can’t see electricity but if I’m not careful it will kill me”

This leads to a discussion on authenticity – being ourselves. We are all unique and if we allow ourselves to be who we are it becomes effortless.
Jo & Vicki talk with Jeanette about ‘being a piece of the puzzle’. It takes a community to raise a child as we each have a piece to offer. Two Natural Ladies together make the perfect person! (LOL)

Jeanette explains how yoga and meditation are very powerful. It can be used to connect us with our work colleagues and create an ease and flow with our work. It may have us realise we are not where we want or need to be.

Two Natural Ladies end this interesting and illuminating discussion with a focus on the next generations. Yoga and meditation can be used to support our young ones in discovering their uniqueness and embracing who they are. A not to be missed podcast


1:21:12 – 1:24:58
Meditating and Love create healing frequencies

Two Natural Ladies discuss a Facebook post about a scientifically controlled study conducted by German researchers at the University of Kassel which showed the chest area of an average person emits only 20 photons of light per second whereas someone who meditates on their heart centre and sends love and light to others emits an amazing 100,000 photons per second. That is 5000 times more than the average human being. Numerous studies have also shown that when these photons are infused with a loving and healing intent, their frequency and vibration increases to the point where they can literally change matter, heal disease, and transform negative events.

Jo talks about the world wide phenomenon when everyone meditates on love and peace at the same time as well as her experience of seeing the Dali Lama in an intimate setting and meditating with him.
Vicki talks about her experience with Abraham and the profound effect it had on her.
Our heart is more than an organ that pumps blood throughout our body. It pumps the very essence of our being and is the true source of human power
We hope you enjoy this snippet into the world of our heart

1:24:58 – 1:30:06 Approx
Two Natural Ladies share the facts and recipes on the staple veggie: Cabbage
JO shares the facts: about this leafy green, red or white plant grown. Where was it domesticated and when? How can we eat this versatile veggie and what other veggies are included in the Brassica family?
FYI it was probably in Ancient Greece and Rome, where people began growing the plant in their gardens

Thanks to our Two Natural Ladies Groupies page for these and more recipe ideas and other creative ideas:
• Chow Mein; cabbage rolls; buttered cabbage; crunchy noodle salad; coleslaw
• Cabbage leaves and mastitis.
• Use the outer leaves as plates
Vicki had the pleasure of watching a master at work when she and her house mates hired a a Chinese cook who prepared an amazing meal with cabbage – where is she now!

1:30:24- 1:40:30 (10mins 6 secs)
Cleaning: we detest it or put up with it and many of us fight about it
Two Natural Ladies chat about Jemma Doley’s information from Fantastic Services Group, on what we hate most about cleaning.
Number one is cleaning the bathroom! It is our most despised task, with 38% of Aussies admitting they dislike this chore.
Just under half admit that they never clean the windows or the oven. And Vicki and Jo agree. Living near the beach what’s the point in cleaning the windows! And the oven, well fortunately for Jo and Vicki they have people in their life who like cleaning – so they don’t have to do it. This is a blessing as caked on oven gunk can become carcinogenic!
Unfortunately to clean or not to clean creates issues with our partners. Three-quarters of Aussies admit that they fight about the housework, with one-in-ten fighting as often as weekly.
With Covid, Two Natural Ladies noticed that more people seemed to be cleaning and organising. And although only 13% of people didn’t like to garden, is that due to feeling alone when they do it?
Incredibly a fifth of people, never cleaned out their fridge! How can that be Jo & Vicki exclaim! What is needed is a fridge where everything can be seen so food at the back never gets forgotten!
The answer, or at least one of them, outsource these hated jobs and get a cleaner and/or gardener.
Everyone will see a bit of themselves in this discussion.
1:40:30- 1: 43:06 (2 mins 36secs)
Inspired Actions – Visualisation and its role in inspiration.
Two Natural Ladies talk over John Campion, author for Chicken Soup for the Soul and his assertion that visualisation makes a big difference to inspired action. Jo and Vicki share what works for them. Music and quotes as well as visualisation are all part of their ‘box of tools’ to keep them inspired.
A quick inspiring snippet


Show 67 – December 1, 2020

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