Historic John 15 June 2020

It’s the podcast that brings you a dose of history and lots more. This Week in History is broadcast every Monday around 9:40 AM on A Newsman and his Music. Historic John is the only member of Southern FM who is usually confined to the dungeon beneath the studios. He’s allowed out for only a few minutes a week to chat with Colin

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HJ out of the dungeon again

Having lived in the dungeon beneath Southern FM for decades, our resident historian Historic John virtually invented social distancing long before COVID-19. In his latest appearance on A Newsman and his Music, HJ ponders how the events of 2020 will be portrayed in 100 years from now.

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Open and shut case

The trapdoor to the Southern FM dungeon has opened and closed again for another week. Historic John emerged for his segment This Week in History on our Monday morning program A Newsman and his Music. In this week’s podcast, HJ recalls the days when sick people would “soldier on” at work, we look at women’s rights and take a surprise phone

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